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What is Respondo?

A portal that is cool, user friendly, super high tech, aesthetically pleasing, easily accessible, elegant and that connects the general public with researchers and businesses worldwide. Respondo will also provide the high tech tools to conduct the research.

The Mission

The mission of Respondo is to make market research available to all people, to increase the general public’s awareness of what market research is and make it something that is cool and fun for everyone. In other words Repsondo wants to make market Research a household word.


Respondo wants to make market research convenient to the masses, which will in turn help businesses and the economy grow and expand. Respondo intends to streamline and automate market research by creating the best technology, which will greatly benefit the market research industry. Two things are of extreme importance, (1) getting there first (2) proper execution.

Respondo makes Market Research exciting, interesting, and hip


Respondo will connect the Consumer with the Market Research Community, Businesses/Corporations and Individuals with a click of a mouse. Anyone who wants to conduct market research or any type of research will have the means to connect with the people they want and need as well as the cutting edge tools to conduct research at their fingertips. Respondo will make market research easy!

The Tools

Respondo gives companies the tools and ability to obtain valuable data (instantly) that they need in order to improve products and services and therefore increase profits. All of this is done through our webiste or app.


Respondo provides recruiting services for corporations who need professional recruiters for their projects. Respondo can provide the best recruiters in the industry to help you recruit the premium respondents for you market research study.

Data Mining

Respondo provides vast data mining capabilities which gives companies the ability to market and sell new & exisiting products with  pinpoint accuracy to their target markets.

Cut Costs

Respondo helps cut costs as companies will not have to hire market research or recruiting firms to do their studies, they can find all the people they need at a fraction of the cost.

RESPONDO - Crisp, Clean, and Refreshing!

Rethink Market Research!

We're still painting

We haven't quite finished painting the walls, but while we're under contruction, we’d love to hear from you! For additional information about our services and Launch timetable, please contact us.


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